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Reciprocating Compressor

Product Series

Models: V, Z, L, P, 2D, DZ, 4H, 4M, 6M

Working Medium: H2, O2, N2, CO2, natural gas, gas, water gas, acetylene, chloroethylene, etc.

Driving Mode: motor, steam turbine

Piston Force: 16kN—1500kN

Shaft Power: 15 kw—10000kw

The core product includes large hydrogen compressor and nitrogen & hydrogen compressor, models 2D40, 2D50, 2D80, 4M40, 4M50, 4M80, 6M32, 6M40 and 6M50 are available.

Design Means

Design and drawing software:

Centrifugal Compressor

Product Parameters: (Horizontal Split casing)


400ddp MA small .jpg
Axial Compressor

Providing integrated solutions for gas gathering, transportation and storage.

Reciprocating Compressor

Key rotating equipment for the downstream chemicals industry, SBW is a leading supplier of equipment and services for the natural gas sector, and is the leading supplier to the Chinese market.

Integrated Geared Compressor

SBW has been producing compressors for the air separation industry since 1983.

Design & Calculation Program:


Criteria for Design and Manufacturing (refer to the standard list)
International standard: AIP618, API614, ASTM31.1, etc. (total of 23)
National & industrial standards: total of 684
Enterprise standard: 55 process related, 2 inspection related, 1289 design related, 159 specifications related and 7 guideline related.

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