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Axial Compressor

Since year 2004, SBW introduced the MA type axial blower technology from MITSUI Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd Japan.  MES is the world lead for large axial blower for blast furnace applicaiton.  MES has supplied more than 100 units of axial compressor and most of them are for large BF.  MES also hold the record of supplying largest axial blower in the world for Blast Furnace capacity 5775 m³.

Product Features:

The axial flow compressor relatively features low compression ratio, large flow rate, long period of stable running, easy repair and maintenance, suitable for applications requiring large flow rate and small compression ratio.


Product Specifications:

For example MA120 as
(1) 120 for nominal cylinder inside diameter of 120cm
(2) A for axial flow compressor
(3) M for Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Materials:

Rotor: Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel
Rotor vane: 2Cr13
Inlet guide vane and stationary vane: 2Cr13
Inlet casing: 16MnR/Q235-A
Central casing: 20# forged piece
Outlet casing: 16MnR/Q235-A
Inlet auxiliary casing: cast steel
Outlet auxiliary casing: cast steel
Outer cylinder: Q235-A
Bearing casing: Carbon steel
Sealing strip: Stainless steel
Foundation: Carbon steel

Centrifugal Compressor

Product Parameters: (Horizontal Split casing)


400ddp MA small .jpg
Axial Compressor

Providing integrated solutions for gas gathering, transportation and storage.

Reciprocating Compressor

Key rotating equipment for the downstream chemicals industry, SBW is a leading supplier of equipment and services for the natural gas sector, and is the leading supplier to the Chinese market.

Integrated Geared Compressor

SBW has been producing compressors for the air separation industry since 1983.

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