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Downstream - Refinery and Petrochemical Industry

From oil extraction, through to refining and on to fine chemicals, SBW has kept abreast of latest developments in the petrochemical industry.  Our core rotating equipment has long been the leader in the Chinese market, and now competes on the world stage.

To date, SBW has supplied nearly 1,500 centrifugal compressors into the petrochemical sector, together with more than 1,500 reciprocating compressors, more than 1,000 centrifugal pump products, and around 150 sets of blowers and steam turbines.  Our customer base covers 30 provinces and cities across China, and exports to 15 countries on 5 continents.


10 million tons/year of oil refining

As China’s domestic oil refining capacity develops, SBW have provided key equipment for major oil complexes including Fujian (a Joint Venture of Sinopec, Exxon-Mobil, and Saudi Aramco), Hainan, Qingdao, and others.


1+ million tons/year of ethylene

China’s extensive ethylene industry is now almost exclusively served from Chinese compressor production, with SBW’s designs for the three-compressor process (cracking gas compressor, ethylene compressor, propylene compressor) now offering world-leading solutions.



SBW provides the world's largest barrel-type centrifugal compressor for the 3.8 million tons/year continuous reforming plant at Zhejiang Petrochemical's 40 million tons/year refining and chemical integration project.  Other references include the 10 million tons/year continuous reforming plant of Taizhou Petrochemicals.


Catalytic cracking

References in the critical hydrogenation process include large centrifugal compressors, large reciprocating compressors and severe-duty pumps to ensure safe and stable operation of the plant.



SBW has developed ultra-large reciprocating compressor solutions for hydrocracking duties with maximum piston thrusts of up to 1500kN, making SBW one of a very small group of manufacturers worldwide with this capability.


From oil extraction, through to refining and on to fine chemicals, SBW has kept abreast of latest developments in the petrochemical industry. 


Providing integrated solutions for gas gathering, transportation and storage.


Key rotating equipment for the downstream chemicals industry, SBW is a leading supplier of equipment and services for the natural gas sector, and is the leading supplier to the Chinese market.

Industrial Gases.jpg
Industrial Gases

SBW has been producing compressors for the air separation industry since 1983.

Power Generation

SBW Group is able to supply the  FDF, IDF, PA fan and boiler feed water pump, condensate pump, circulating pump for 300-1000 MW thermal power unit. 

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