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Midstream - Oil & Gas Collection and Transportation

SBW is a leading supplier of equipment and services for the natural gas industry, and its products cover all natural gas processes from upstream to downstream, including natural gas gathering, natural gas transportation, natural gas liquefaction, natural gas chemicals, gas storage, and gas-powered electrical generation, to meet the needs of installations including subsea gas pipelines, offshore platforms and underground gas storage. Up to now, SBW has designed and manufactured more than 60 sets of pipeline compressors and electric motor-driven centrifugal compressors for long-distance pipelines, covering several natural gas transmission projects such as the PetroChina West-to-East Gas Pipeline Localization Project, West-East Gas Pipeline Second Line, Third Line, Shaanxi-Beijing Fourth line, Sinopec-Fuling Compressor Station, and the Sinopec Sichuan-East Gas Transmission Project.  SBW’s share of the Chinese pipeline compressor market exceeds 80%.

Completed Projects

Project 1 - Compressor unit designed and manufactured for gas storage VCL integrated plant

Project 2 - Compressor unit designed and manufactured for the first shale gas production and transportation plant in China

Project 3 - Sinopec Sichuan-to-East Gas Transmission supercharged project - Huanjin Station

Project 4 - Oil pipeline pump designed and manufactured for CNPC Pipeline Company Daqing-Tieling Fourth Line

Project 5 - PCL803 long-distance pipeline compressor designed and manufactured for Xi'an Gaoling Station

Project 6 - Sinopec Sichuan-to-East Gas Transmission supercharged project - Yichang Station


From oil extraction, through to refining and on to fine chemicals, SBW has kept abreast of latest developments in the petrochemical industry. 


Providing integrated solutions for gas gathering, transportation and storage.


Key rotating equipment for the downstream chemicals industry, SBW is a leading supplier of equipment and services for the natural gas sector, and is the leading supplier to the Chinese market.

Industrial Gases.jpg
Industrial Gases

SBW has been producing compressors for the air separation industry since 1983.

Power Generation

SBW Group is able to supply the  FDF, IDF, PA fan and boiler feed water pump, condensate pump, circulating pump for 300-1000 MW thermal power unit. 

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